Welcome to, otherwise known as the The Beloved Network. Like most domains out there (not all) this domain is my main collective. Here you'll find all of my sites collected together in one place for you to browse through. You'll find all the sites I currently maintain as well as those I plan to one day make. Keep in mind however that this domain is mostly to do with anime, video games and of course, fanlistings. You'll find the navigation for this site above and is best viewed at a 1024x768 resolution or higher.


Current Version

You are currently viewing layout version 26, it was inspired by the wonderful layouts of Kula's and Aku's I love both of those girls amazing design skills so freaking much. I hope some of their talent can rub off on me. The picture used is of Rael from the manga, Agharta by Takaharu Matsumoto and was taken from here. More indepth layout information can be found here.

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