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centurylink High Speed Internet
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Get Century Link for the tops in home services. You receive impressive deals on quality services, such as high speed Internet, home phone service and television. Choose Century Link and enjoy the Internet at the speed necessary to keep up with everything it has to offer. Say goodbye to slow Internet that is holding you back. Century Link brings up everything you need and more.

Discover Great Deals. Because not all Century Link plans are available everywhere, it is important to do a geographic search to find out what is available at your address. Use our search tool now to find out if we offer service to your area.

Century Link Internet

Enjoy more with Century Link High Speed Internet

Century Link high speed Internet service offers you so much more than the competition. It is faster than wireless cellular, satellite, and dial-up Internet. That means you can do more.

  • Use social media.
  • Stream music or videos, even Netflix.
  • Play simulation/real-time games.
  • Use a VPN to work from home.
  • Skype with important people who are far away.
  • Start a business, even an online one.
  • Download apps, movies, files, and photos.
  • Surf the Internet, shop online, send emails and more.
High Speed Internet

The Benefits of Century Link Internet

With Century Link, you will enjoy superior advantages over the competition.

  • A 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Continual Internet access that is unlimited.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Service that is weather-proof.
  • Better pricing that the competition.


Century Link High Speed Internet

Get Home Phone Service Now

Century Link home phone service comes with 85 years of experience in telecommunications. It is one of the largest and most established landline telephone providers in the country, and brings you impeccable service at a reasonable price. You get unlimited local calling with your plan and affordable domestic and international calling rates, so you can be connected to loved ones anywhere. In addition to providing a clear dependable connection, Century Link also connects you to emergency help. Landline phones are proven to provide location information faster than other types of phone service, so you get emergency response faster, when you need it.

High Speed Internet

Enjoy the Tops in Entertainment

Because Century Link doesn’t have its own entertainment option, it partnered with the best in the business – DIRECTV. Bringing satellite TV service to more customers in America than any other provider of its kind, DIRECTV has an impressive array of offerings and plans to meet every budget and every need. In addition to local programming, it also has Spanish language channels, international programming, HD channels, sports, movies, and more.

DIRECTV also has technology that today’s users want. With the DIRECTV Everywhere app, you can take your TV lineup and recorded shows anywhere. The whole home Genie HD DVR allows you to record as many as 5 shows simultaneously. These advantages and more make DIRECTV the nationwide leader and the best partner choice for us.

Choose the Triple Play from Century Link

The Century Link triple Play is perfect for customers who are looking to save money on home services. With all three bundled services, you can save up to $30 on the cost of these services. In addition, with the Triple Play, you also get the benefit of only one bill for all your home services. Ideal for your home, customized Triple Play bundles are just what you need.

Century Link’s Unbeatable Prices. Century Link offers you the most affordable prices you can find anywhere. Customize your plan with the speed you need for your home. Choose bundle packaging and save money while getting the best in home services. With Century Link, you get unlimited Internet access, no slowdowns, no data caps, and no hidden fees. Get top quality service and speed at a price you can afford.

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