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Century Link Bundles Save You Money

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Looking for the best home services at the best price possible? Century Link has you covered with 3 quality home services that come in a convenient, money-saving bundle package. With only a single bill monthly, you can get a great deal on high speed Internet, home phone service, and DIRECTV. Even though Century Link always offers competitive pricing, bundle pricing saves you even more. Discover our different bundle packages to meet your needs.


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The Bundles:

The Triple Bundle

The Triple Play/Triple Bundle from Century Link includes all three of our bundle service offerings.

  • Your choice of our high speed Internet plans
  • Unlimited long distance home phone service
  • Select DIRECTV plans

Available in select Century Link service areas, this bundle requires a 1-2 year contract.

The Double Bundle

The Double Bundle from Century Link includes two of our bundled services.

  • High speed Internet and unlimited calling home phone service.
  • High speed Internet and DIRECTV

Available in select Century Link service areas, this bundle requires a 1-2 year contract.

Internet, TV, phone bundle

DIRECTV - Partnering For Quality Television Service

Century Link is in partnership with DIRECTV so it can provide its customers with the ultimate in satellite TV service. Local programming, premium channels, more sports than any other provider, international channels and more await you from the #1 satellite TV provider in the nation. DIRECTV is an option in all of Century Link’s markets if you have a clear view of the sky to the south.

DIRECTV is dedicated to bringing the best in technology to users. With the cutting edge Genie whole home HD-DVR and the DIRECTV Everywhere app, subscribers can control when and where they enjoy their favorite programs. They even have the luxury of recording up to 5 shows and playing them back from anywhere.

Working together, Century Link gets you the best price possible on both its services and those of DIRECTV. Get unbeatable home service deals.

Stay Connected with Century Link Home Phone Service

Century Link brings you proven home telephone service that is superior to the competition. All plans come with unlimited local calling. Add unlimited long distance nationwide for far less than the cost of cell phone or other landline providers. Century Link gives you perfectly clear reception and no lag, making it a smarter choice than Internet phone service. Choose a telephone provider with 85 years of experience for the ultimate in home phone service.

Choose the best home phone service available. Call the Century Link customer service team now at 1-855-410-1887 to get started.