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Century Link Internet, TV, phone bundle

About Century Link

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With so many providers of Internet and phone services in the market today, Century Link knows the importance of delivering quality service and standing out from the crowd. It is the third largest provider of telecommunications in the nation, and offers fixed line and Fiber optic Internet, telephone service, long distance calling and digital TV service. Century Link serves both home and business, and is the ideal place to start in your quest for the right service for you.

Entertainment from Century Link Communications

Reliable Fast Internet Where You Live

Fast Internet is a necessity in today’s world. Century Link is bringing the fastest service possible and unlimited access to 37 different states. Call now to find out if you live in one of the 5 service regions throughout the nation.

Uncover Century Link Advantages.

Century Link provides the best advantages you need in home services.

  • Exclusive 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unlimited fast Internet access.
  • Reasonable monthly rates increasing Internet accessibility.
  • Quality online security provides virus and backup protection.
  • Comprehensive customer service 24/7.
  • Anytime online account access.
  • Free email accounts with your high speed Internet service.
Century Link Internet, TV, phone bundle

Award-Winning Service For You

Century Link has been the recipient of a variety of national and international awards for years. A standout in its field for connecting underserved parts of the country, in 2015 Century Link was the recipient of awards for its fiber Internet deployment nationwide, impressive customer service, cloud infrastructure offerings, and more.

The Century Link Story

Century Link was started in Monroe, Louisiana as a small telephone company. Sold to the Williams family in 1930, it grew steadily through acquisitions. It was incorporated in 1968 and went public in 1978. It continued to grow through acquisitions, and at the beginning of the new millennium was acquiring fiber networks. Its purchase of Embarq in 2009 made it the third largest telephone company in the US. Today its acquisitions focus on cloud services.

Bundle Internet, TV, phone with Century Link

Home Phone Service From Century Link

With 85 years in the business of home landline telephone service, Century Link still delivers top quality home phone service. With a variety of affordable plans, it can easily compete with cellular phone service and other home phone providers. It delivers always a crystal clear connection that far surpasses Internet-based phone systems. Century Link phone service never has lagtime like Internet phone plans, and its 911 response time is better than any other phone service. All of these features ensures that Century Link protects its customers better.

Phone Service

DIRECTV – A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

In an effort to bring the top in home services to its customers, Century Link has partnered with the largest satellite TV provider in the country – DIRECTV. This partnership allows Century Link to offer bundle packaging that far surpasses anything on the market today. In addition to the best high speed Internet, users who choose a Century Link triple bundle also get the best TV in the nation.

DIRECTV puts the convenience of technology at your fingertips. Included with most plans is the whole home HD DVR, an app to take your TV service anywhere you go, and more. The lineup of entertainment from DIRECTV includes local, Spanish, International, HD and specialty premium channels. Update your Internet connection now with Century Link. Experience the difference that comes with speeds of up to 40 Mbps, and up to 1 Gbps in areas with fiber optic service, and enjoy staying connected, streaming media, downloading, playing games and more.

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