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CenturyLink High Speed Internet Service in Oklahoma

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In Oklahoma, CenturyLink is the top choice for fast Internet service at a reasonable cost. Today, Internet service is practically a utility in homes throughout the nation. However, there are major differences from one provider to another. CenturyLink in Oklahoma has just what you are looking for, nothing more and nothing less.

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Discover CenturyLink in Oklahoma Advantages

CenturyLink has over 3 million customers and 85 years of telecommunications experience. That’s proof positive that the company understands what consumers want, and delivers exactly that. Today, there’s nothing that Americans want more than reliable, fast Internet connection. That is what CenturyLink in Oklahoma brings you, in speeds of up to 40 Mbps in most of its service areas, and up to 1 Gig in areas with fiber optic service available. These speeds let you keep up with everything you’ve ever wanted to do online.

High Speed Internet from CenturyLink

CenturyLink advantages include:

  • Exceptional 24/7 customer care.
  • A 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unlimited data access, unlike the competition.
  • The ability to consistently deliver high speed across multiple devices.
  • Norton Anti-Virus protection and security.

Do more with high speed Internet.

  • Use social media
  • Stream Netflix, TV and movies
  • Listen to any type of music
  • Share photos
  • Enjoy real-time video games
  • Use Skype to stay in contact.
  • Shop online anytime.
  • Browse the web.
  • Use a VPN to remotely connect to work.
Rural landscape

Experience Cutting Edge CenturyLink Phone Service

Home phone service from CenturyLink in Oklahoma ensures that you get experience on your side. You get the epitome of good service with a cutting edge, clear landline for a connection that is always perfect. You never have to worry about lag time, as landline service is free from such worries. In addition, service is more affordable than the competition and your home is better protected because if you call 911, your physical address is instantly available to those answering the phone.

Phone Service

Create Your Own Bundle, using DIRECTV

CenturyLink in Oklahoma has you covered with high speed Internet and home landline service. In addition it has partnered with DIRECTV in order to deliver the very best in television service to you. Choose from International programming, Spanish channels, the most extensive sports lineups, premium channels and more. The app allows you to bring your service anywhere with you. You also get a whole home HD-DVR for recording as many as 5 shows at once.

See how you can do home services in Oklahoma differently. Call 1-855-410-1887 today and speak to a customer care specialist to get your new service set up.